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*pokes pensnest*

Mamas, don't let your popslashers grow up to be WoW nerds.


"Shit!" Joshua yelped as the serpent turned on him, attempting to fend it off with his stave as he struggled to recall any sort of offensive spell.

"Hey, ugly!" Josef's mace crashed into the back of its spine as he thanked the spirits for Lanz'ten's good aim, his fur ruffled by the bolt of frost his mage friend threw past him at their target. The beast turned to Josef, snarling, long enough for Joshua to whisper under his breath and raise a hand, the creature suddenly shrieking as it exploded into flame.

Just as he reared back to strike the beast again, he felt a searing pain in his shoulder as another struck him from behind. He cursed under his breath, waving a hand to Joshua, who had ducked far enough away from the battle to cast a quick healing ward on him.

Josef dove back into attack against the first serpent as Justinian struck the second in the head, his sword glowing with holy energy. It managed to strike at his side, fangs piercing the small gap between his chestpiece and leggings. He reeled backwards, gaping up at the serpent as it reared back to strike.

Just as the beast began to lunge forward, its head snapped backwards. It tumbled forward to land in Justinian's lap, a dagger buried in the back of its neck, revealing Khristov's wicked grin.

"And stay down," Josef roared, giving one last swing at the other serpent's head, stepping out of the way as it tumbled to the stone floor.

The chamber finally fell quiet as Lanz'ten dispatched a nearby larva with his staff, jabbing it boredly in the throat. After a moment's silence, Khristov laughed heartily, grabbing one of the serpent corpses by the throat and flinging it across the room to strike the stone wall with a loud thump. "FOR THE HORDE!"


His voice echoed through the ruins, immediately followed by a cacophony of angry hisses from further inside the temple.

The party exchanged glances as the noise drew closer.

"Way t'work dat roguish stealth, mon," Lanz'ten muttered, passing Joshua a flask of water as he conjured one for himself.


Yes, this will continue. Either a full story or a series of shorts or something.

Character sketches, courtesy of the character creation page:
Josef, tauren warrior
Joshua, undead priest
Justinian, blood elf paladin
Khristov, orc rogue
Lanz'ten, troll mage

Admittedly, they'd have made better Allies, as far as matching personalities to races... but the Alliance sucks, so here we are.


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Apr. 28th, 2010 09:18 am (UTC)
"Way t'work dat roguish stealth, mon."

ROTFLMAO! That was adorable! XD
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